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Track it ALL with ATT Web©!

ATTW is a web based database that resides on a server and is accessed via a web browser. You can access the database from anywhere in the world via a standard internet connected PC. This online database is found at

Assistive Technology(AT), Response to Intervention(RTI) and Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) can all be tracked using the new Assistive Technology Tracker WEB© and the best thing of it all is that you can do this from ANYWHERE. If you have access to the internet on any device with a browser you can track all your data for AT, RTI, AIM and MORE. You can also track your assessments, referrals, technical support and equipment check in/out and print specific reports on all data.


Advantages of ATT Web©:

  1. No Commitment - No contracts, cancel anytime
  2. No IT Investment - No server or maintenance fee. Free upgrade for life
  3. Pay as you grow - Pay for what you use scalable on your terms
  4. Generous Storage - Expandable to any size (extra charge to increase)
  5. All-Inclusive - Prices listed above includes all features and applications
  6. Fully hosted - No server to maintain
  7. Access on any mobile device, PC or Mac browser


Important Features of ATT Web©:
(ATTW is divided into 4 sections)

This section allows you to set up users, vendors, manufacturers and support information. This is where you would individualize your ATT Web to meet your needs.

Track equipment, patrons, referrals, assessments and tech support information. You create the information that you will be tracking.

View Data
See all data in the system in customizable views. View data that you are tracking.

Produce customized reports for all you track such as equipment, tech support, referrals, assessments and more.


Pricing for ATT Web©:

  No. of Patrons Yearly Fee
Basic 500 and under $ 420.00
Professional 1500 and under $ 660.00
Unlimited unlimited $ 1,200.00

When assigning a number as the Patron ID make sure that you do not use the actual patron’s Social Security number. Adaptive Solutions is not responsible for the number you assign as the Patron ID number or the confidential information stored in AT Tracker Web.

*Above prices for the Basic, Professional and Unlimited versions of ATT+ are based on a one year subscription. Unlimited Users.
*Pricing for larger groups available
*No charge for installation of Assistive Technology Web©

Support Options
$150.00 import of existing data charge
$350.00 per year expert email support subscription
$800.00 per online training


Take a test drive of our new AT Tracker Web.

Go to:

Username: guest
Password: attwguest


Adaptive Solutions is also the developer and distributor of Assistive Technology Tracker Plus(ATT+). The web version of Assistive Technology Web has now been developed. Adaptive Solutions will continue to sell the desktop version along with the web version of ATT.

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