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Adaptive Solutions, Inc. is an innovative and specialized company located in Port Allen, Louiaiana (a suburb of Baton Rouge), and it is proudly owned and operated by Sherry Hollingsworth, B. S. Ms. Hollingsworth received her major in Physical Education in 1976 and a minor in Orthopedically Handicapped Education from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La. She has worked in the field of Assistive Technology since 1985, and she opened the doors of Adaptive Solutions nineteen years ago in 1991. Since then Ms. Hollingsworth has provided training for over 10,000 educators on the use of assistive technology and she has conducted over 1,250 assessments on the use of AT for students with disabilities. She was awarded the Pioneer in Technology Award from the La. Technology and Media Divisions of C.E.C. by her peers in 1993.

Sherry Hollingsworth has developed and presented teaching sessions and seminars at the local, state and national levels on the use of assistive technology. She has 30 years of experience as a public school classroom teacher and administrator, and she takes special pride in her many achievements with assisting and enabling Special Education students. Ms. Hollingsworth and her team of specialists were once again honored with Statewide Recognition in the fall of 2001 from LATAN (La. Assistive Technology Access Network) for being Louisiana's "Outstanding Agency" in the field of Assistive Technology.

In 2001, Sherry Hollingsworth developed Assistive Technology Tracker. AT Tracker, enables agencies to track 'points of contact' for services provided by that agency. An agency can track referrals, assessments, technical support and check in/out equipment. AT Tracker was designed to track individuals using assistive technology or any service that needs to be tracked by an agency. AT Tracker is being used by AT providers, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, audiologist, and pupil appraisal. AT Tracker is now used by hundreds of other agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2003, Sherry developed Equipment Tracker. Equipment Tracker was developed for those agencies that need to track large amounts of equipment that is checked out/in to individuals. Equipment Tracker also enables the user to track equipment usage, equipment disposal and equipment repair. Equipment Tracker is being used by many agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2009 the development of the web version of Assistive Technology Tracker Web began. The web version will have access for all. It will be 508 compliant and all people will vision impaired will be able to access all the pages of the web version of ATT. Special discounts will be given to agencies that have already purchased the stand-alone or network versions of Assistive Technology Tracker or Assistive Technology Tracker Plus. Discounts will be determined by the version that the agency purchased.

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